The benches & dinette

Jared built the front seating. It is a little different from others that we have seen. The passenger side has a an 8 foot bench with seatbelts. The driver side has a 38 inch 4 person dinette plus a 38 inch front facing seat- all with seatbelts. More on the seatbelts in a future post. Altogether this area can seat 10, plus the driver. The 8 foot bench is divided into 2- 4 foot units- each with a lid that lifts for storage underneath. Each of the 3- 38 inch seats also lift up for storage underneath. We need lots of storage options for 8 people on board. One of the 4 foot units will be for shoes alone- tennis shoes, hiking shoes, sandals, church shoes for traveling on Sundays. The other will be for large kitchen appliances like my crockpot. We love putting dinner in the crockpot before we set off for the day and then dinner being ready by the top we stop for the day. If we're traveling and campfire cooking isn't an option, I love using my crockpot. One of the 38 inch seats will be for media and electronics.

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