Day 13

-Friday morning we woke up bright and early. It was COLD. The temperature got down to 35 degrees in the middle of the night and Jared had to go out and start the generator at 4am to run the space heater. HVAC isn't completely ironed out yet either. I really want to do a mini-split, but that's just because I have no grasp on the reality of how to run them and only care about turning on silent units to run at the exact temperature I want at every whim. We started the bus at 7:30 to get the engine warmed up and the big heaters going and hit the road by 8am. 3 kids were still in bed when we left. That was kind of funny. I went and sat on the floor by Jenna's bed so I could catch her if she rolled out of bed when we turned corners:) We had another sunny and bright driving day. I had really wanted to grab some good barbecue for our dinner the previous night, but we stopped so abruptly that we didn't get a chance. So I scouted out a good restaurant south of Nashville and we stopped there for lunch- Martin's BBQ Joint Nolensville TN | Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint ( We just got 2 of the Big Poppa's meals and took it back to the bus. 2 huge trays of meat= happy teenage boys!!! They ate and ate until they were stuffed and still we had leftovers for dinner that night. I definitely recommend the place. Yummy!! We left Nashville non-stop for home. The roads were ridiculous on this trip- driver's were just horrible. We saw more crashes and accident delays in those last 2 days of driving than we've ever seen on any trip before. We seriously probably saw a dozen accidents. But that’s because the drivers were like completely crazy! And the roads themselves were just in horrible condition- potholes everywhere. Maybe they haven't been able to keep up with road maintenance with covid?? We were so thankful to arrive safely home that night. It was funny how walking into our house it just felt crazy huge inside!! We all had a great trip, but we were happy to be home. It was funny how we all said it felt weird to be still- to have the room and floor be standing still- like we were so used to shaking and bouncing down the road. We had a family after-action report and talked about positives and negatives over leftover bbq for dinner. I'll put that in another post.

Now to get ready for the next trip!!

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-Thursday morning we woke up early and broke camp and hit the road. Everyone grabbed a hot breakfast from the kitchen of the camp we were staying at. They cooked up made-to-order pancakes and waffles

-Tuesday we woke up still not having any plans for the day. Everyone was sunburned and grumpy. I should've taken more funny sunburn pictures- Hunter's was by far the worst! Jared and I started the day