Day 10

Updated: May 11, 2021

-Tuesday we woke up still not having any plans for the day. Everyone was sunburned and grumpy. I should've taken more funny sunburn pictures- Hunter's was by far the worst!

Jared and I started the day with an early morning walk around the park to check things out since we had come in so late the night before. Being a KOA meant it had lots of amenities. There was a pool with a water slide, a mini golf course, a jump pad, and a laundry room. They even offered a complimentary hot breakfast of waffles, pancakes, sausage and gravy, and grits. The only down side was that the shower house was a little dirty so we opted not to use it. We got several plates of waffles and pancakes and took them back to our hungry brood just waking up. After breakfast and some school (spring break was technically over by then, but online school meant we could keep traveling as long as we did our lessons from wherever we were), they were ready to go swimming. The pool felt good to the kids with sunburns. We played in the pool while Jared did a bunch of laundry. We've decided on this trip that laundry is going to be a bigger issue than we'd thought. The kids have plenty of space in their closet bins to pack more than a week's worth of clothes, but we can't leave a week's worth of dirty clothes sitting without it getting way too stinky. I mean teenage boys really bring a certain smell with them!!! We had a laundry basket in our room that we emptied daily into the large laundry storage been in the basement. But by the time we opened it to go wash the laundry it was a bit stinky. So we'll work on a solution for laundry. We may move the on-board washing machine up on our priority list. After everyone was showered and cleaned up from swimming Jared and I ran to Walmart for supplies for our hiking trip to Cumberland Island the next day. Of course it's impossible to get out of walmart for less than $100 and in this case it was closer to $300. Geesh! I hate that. But we probably spent $100 just in aloe for everyone's sunburns and new shirts that would be comfortable enough for them to wear the whole day hiking. We grabbed an easy pasta dinner and I cooked that while Jared unloaded groceries and did one more load of swimming laundry. After dinner we packed up back packs and set aside clothes so that everyone would be ready to leave for Cumberland bright and early. Then Jared and I retired to our Master Bedroom (haha! It sounds so formal when it's really just the back 8 feet of the bus divided off by opening the kids closet doors towards each other and it blocks off our area- but it sounds really nice, huh?). One highlight of our trip has been that we have that room to go to and each night we've been watching new episodes of This is Us, one of our favorite shows that just put out a bunch of new episodes. It was a great way to end a pretty relaxing day.

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