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-Thursday morning we got up early and since we hadn't really made a camp it was easy to take off quickly. We were on the road before some kids were even out of bed! That's the beauty of an RV. We made a run for it and went the 3.5 hours straight to Brunswick, GA without stopping. We pulled into the Coastal Georgia RV Resort (where we were staying the next 3 days) around 1pm and made camp quickly.

It was a really nice park with a pool, shower houses, a laundry room, and even a bark park for Chase to run which was right across the street from our lot.

Bark park right across the lane from our RV spot.

Bath & laundry house right next to the Bark Park, also right across the road from our RV spot.

We changed into our swimsuits pretty quickly and took off to go explore the first island. We decided to go to Jekyll Island first since I thought it would be the one that would have the least interest for us so we could spend just a half day there. Then a different island for Friday and a different island for Saturday. Well, we fell in love with Jekyll Island the moment we got there!

We decided to take a drive around the entire island loop before deciding where to stop first to play. The first thing that stood out to us is that there weren't many people on the island. We loved the cleanliness of everything and it's all kept in pristine condition. The beach and the island are really the main attraction there. There are bike paths everywhere- which is exactly why we brought all the bikes!! And gorgeous mossy oaks everywhere. We decided to stop at Driftwood Beach first and walk up to the Dunes Beach to play in the water.

We were thrilled to get out to Driftwood and see the ocean. It was truly a beach filled with huge driftwood logs- and protected to remain so. It was pretty cool, like something you see in pictures.

Giant barrier rocks really prevented you from getting much into the water. We decided to enjoy walking along the beach and just walk up to the Dunes beach to play in the water. Having only driven it once we greatly underestimated how far it was between Driftwood Beach and the Dunes Beach. When we felt like we should surely be almost there we got out the map and found we were not even 1/4 of the way there yet! Unfortunately Hunter had run way way way head of us with Chase (like we couldn't even see him anymore) so we needed to reconnect with him. We sent Coleson back to get the van and pick us up. But then we had to find Hunter. So we drove up and down the beach and hopped out at beach access points to look up and down the beach for him. We still hadn't found him after half an hour so Jared dropped me and the kids off at the Dunes Beach to swim while he went looking for Hunter. We really weren't too worried because he had to be somewhere up and down that beach. And I wasn’t worried about Hunter being lost or alone because he's pretty good at keeping calm and taking care of himself. And I don't think anyone would mess with Hunter. Finally he called us from someone's cell phone that he had borrowed. He said it took him asking 3 people before someone said yes to let him borrow their phone! When we finally all got back together again it was almost 6pm. Hunter's little adventure kind of sucked some of the fun out of the beach and it was getting late.

We decided to grab some Dominoes pizza on our way back to the bus and go for a night swim at the pool (a night swim in March was pretty fabulous!) and then we all took showers at the bath house. It was a nice bath house, but they didn’t have an on demand hot water heater so we all got cold showers.

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