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The interior paint

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

While Jared worked on building cabinetry this week, I've been working on interior and exterior paint. The first grey color we got was much too dark. Everything we've been planning for the color scheme for this bus is light and bright- more to come about that in a separate post on design, floor plan, and color scheme. So this first color didn't fit with anything we had planned. I could tell from the first pass with the roller that it was all wrong. But Jared really liked the color on the paint card so in the effort of due diligence I gave the whole bus 2 coats of it. Yuck! It was more like a metal grey or flat primer grey. Nothing light and bright about it. Fortunately Jared absolutely agreed. So we headed back to the store that same night to get a different color. Round 2 came out perfectly! This was definitely the light and bright color I was wanting- still a nice contrast with the bright white center ceiling bead board strip, but not so heavy that the walls closed in around me. Unfortunately it took me another 2 coats of this lighter gray to go over the darker gray, but totally worth it! I love it!

I had lots of helpers this week on painting. The only thing no one could help me with was the center strip of white bead board. I had to do that with a brush to squish the paint up into the cracks and crevices. It took 2 coats of white- 1 coat per night for two nights in a row. So by the end of the second day of painting I had done 2 coats of dark yuck grey and 2 coats of light and bright grey, as well as two coats of white on the ceiling.

O and I had such a fun time painting. I felt terrible to tell him we were going to repaint over all his hard work. He has literally been wanting to paint a wall (he wasn't picky where) for months. But you can see what I mean here about the color just being way too dark.

J helped me on day 2 to go over that way-too-dark paint with a much lighter shade of grey. Super fun! And it looks great!

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