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The master bedroom

We started with the queen bed in back. It actually went in before we were finished with the insulation and walls because, well, we just got excited. We knew we didn't want to take up the space of putting a larger bed in. We knew we wanted to have leg space to walk around both sides of the bed rather than a crawl-in style. We also knew we needed storage space wherever we could get it. With a rear engine bus we knew from the start that our bed was going up on top of the engine. It made sense to put a cubbie shelf at the foot end of the bed to hold it up. Slap a piece of plywood on top and bam we have a bed.

Then we realized there was still storage space under there that could be utilized so Jared hinged the plywood and now we'll also be able to put storage totes under there. So now we'll have 8 cubbies (4 for each of us) and some additional tote storage underneath the bed. It even worked out to frame in an easy access step perfectly placed over the engine as a step on both sides up to our bed.

Since Jared had removed the vent on one side (where the yellow triangle is at now) *in this post*, we will be able to put a short closet on one side of the bed. We haven't gotten to that yet, but everything else is in now.

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