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The exterior paint prep

Well that was a fun job! I sanded every square inch of our bus. Wow! For 3 days I was covered in yellow dust as I used the orbital sander to sand off the shiny layer of top paint. What couldn't be reached with the orbital sander had to be scrubbed with a piece of sandpaper. Talk about tedious work! And since it was CRAZY hot this week my helpers were kind of hit and miss. I was a woman on a mission though to make that yellow paint GO AWAY, so I kept on working. Once I made it all the way around the bus, Jared and I went over it again with a fine-toothed comb to check for any other defects, particularly rust spots that needed to be sanded and repaired. Any deep dents and scratches we sanded to feather them out. The kids were eager to help us wash the bus, swim suits made it extra fun! Jared took the bus for a drive to make sure it was good and dry. Next we used painter's tape to tape off everything we didn't want painted. For the base paint layer we just used spray paint cans of primer. Although they cost more than the gallon or the quart it allowed us to check an area and work around the bus in sections.

Jared used Bondo to fill a few holes left by lights we removed.

Covered in yellow dust and sweat for 3 days. Super fun.

You can see the difference here of the lower part of the bus with the yellow paint sanded and scruffed up vs the top half of the bus that hadn't been touched yet.

Ok you're probably asking why is there grey paint on the side we're sanding and prepping?? Well sometimes we get all excited about something and do things out of order. This grey is from a year or so ago when Jared was "testing" the primer. So it's been on there for a while and we still needed to wash and prep that side. For some reason we don't have any pictures of the kids washing the all yellow side. Oh well. Now you know.

It was a HOT day- perfect for getting wet!!

Our helpers were eager to come outside and help with washing the bus. They donned their swimsuits and made it a party.

Taping off to paint

Primer DONE. I don't love the gunmetal grey look, but I do love that there is no more yellow.

Now what is the top color going to be?????????

We sketched out like 8 different paint designs. We really wanted to keep it simple, but still look nice. We knew we wanted blue in there somewhere.

We tried out some blue and grey sample spots for the top color.

What do you think???

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