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Thank Heavens for AC!!

Now that the walls and ceiling are in place we can add some AC, which is much needed because we are working in the middle of a heat wave! It's 95 degrees and 70% humidity, but we don't want to stop working! So this AC will really help.

It's a Dometic Brisk II 13.5k. Got it from for $639 with the inside cover and heat strip.

Our bus came with 2 AC units that run off the bus so they would be great for road air. Jared had an HVAC friend look at them, but no luck in getting them working just yet. So we took them down and left a place above the fridge to install one of them later on, if we get one working. Here is a picture of one of them.

But for now we are happy with this rooftop park unit that really helps make the work more bearable. This one will do everything we need it to for when we are stationary at campsites. It can run off the generator while we're driving if we don't get that road air working. We will probably add another one of these rooftop units to the rear of the bus. This unit also came with an optional heat coil to use for heating the bus if we do any fall or winter trips so we added that. By using the heat coil then the RV park we are plugged into foots the bill for heating our bus and we avoid using propane, which is more dangerous and we were trying to avoid using propane as much as possible.

E helping dad install the new AC.

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