I'm jumping ahead a little in the blogging because I don't have posts made yet about finishing the last few months of construction. But they're in the works and I'll get them posted soon. I figured I might as well try to keep up to date about the trips we are starting to take in the bus now.

We were still pretty much in the thick of construction in early March when we decided it was time to take a trip ASAP. Because of the virus and my health risk, we've been stuck at home more than some for the past year. And we just needed to GET OUT. Being early March at the time, I had a narrow window of time until the spring time real estate market goes crazy here so we decided to take a trip as soon as possible. So, with that in mind, we made a list on a 2 ft piece of poster paper that was quite daunting. We wrote letters next to jobs that people were all able to do- of course most of it was the big boys and Jared, but Katie helped a lot with packing the little kids and cleaning the house (because I hate coming home to a dirty house!) Jared started working long days on the bus and the boys, to their credit, worked quickly to get school done each day and then worked on the bus until dark every day for two weeks.


So on March 13 we took our first overnight trip to sort of work out all the kinks. It was a pretty good first trip. The weather gave us a few unexpected days of warm weather so we took advantage of it and went to Prophet's Town State Park nearby for a night.

Eternity Bus at Prophet's Town State Park. Jenna on her new 2 wheel bike. Ethan has been teaching her at home on the gravel for weeks and I knew as soon as she had some time on some decent pavement she would just take right off!

Owen couldn't have been happier with endless bike trails and a new punk rocker helmet that I just couldn't resist getting for him.

We enjoyed burgers over the fire and tons of bike riding because Prophet's Town has awesome bike trails!

Once the sun went down it was way too cold to be outside (it was still March!) so we snuggled inside and watched a family movie-Harry and the Henderson's- & popped popcorn. It was a so fun!!

The kids' bunks and our bedroom space were super duper comfy!

We learned our bus has an extra bunk space we hadn't known was there- just big enough for our clothes or a certain little 5 year old. She was pretty thrilled with herself and I don't think she has any intentions of going back to her own bunk now :)

With a pandemic in play we stuck to outdoor activities, including an onsite farm.

And a playground. My kids haven't been to a playground in a year now.

You wouldn't have believed how much fun the big kids had too!

Jenna has longed for a trip to the park for so long and all she wanted to do was swing and swing and swing. It made my heart so happy to see them all just out having fun and forgetting for a minute all the craziness in the world right now.

And the bus did great!! But it was a good thing we did the pre-trip trip. Some things that we hadn't thought were very big issues turned out to be bigger than we'd thought, like a way to haul all 8 of our bikes. We thought it would be fine to put the bike carrier on the back of the bus that holds 5 bikes and then just throw a few of them inside the bus with us, but it's definitely not. So Jared has to rethink where to haul bikes. And just some finishing touches that we thought didn't need to be finished, but now we realize they do- like cabinet fronts on the kitchen cabinets. After they kept falling open at every turn we realized they have to be finished if only so we can put the clips on that hold them in place.

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