Day 9

Updated: May 11, 2021

-Monday we woke up with no plans. Monday and Tuesday were the only days of the trip that I didn't have any plans. We truly could go where the wind took us. We had to check out of our RV campground by noon, but there was a parking lot right next door that we moved the bus to while we played around. Our bigger boys really wanted to go to Kennedy Space Station, but they've increased the fees to get in there to $57 per person. Yikes! That would've cost us $450. So we decided against that. Jared tried to find a sail boat we could charter and go out on the ocean for the day, because he loves sail boats. But there weren't any openings. That's the down side of going where the wind takes you- other people already planned and booked the spots for everything you want to do. So instead we spent the day on the beach. It was a perfect beach day. Hunter says there is a perfect trifecta of beach time- good temperature- not too hot or too cool, not too much wind, and clear and sunny. This was that perfect day. It was such a perfect day that we only intended to stay for an hour and instead we stayed for half the day.

Jenna came to play with us for the first hour- in the sand only. We decided she probably shouldn't get in the water anymore this trip.

The kids built a huge sandcastle village.

Shout out to *guy with the rig next to us* at Port Canaveral who chatted with Jared and they bonded in their dislike for the beach while discussing their RV setups.

Unfortunately, I forgot how extremely hot the Florida sun is even in March (surprisingly even more than Georgia only a few hours away). Despite reapplying, we were all totally sunburned. Having had a lot of beach time this trip, we packed up our bus and headed out.

But first we stopped to get some lunch at one of the places we had wanted to eat at last night- Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar The environment was nice and the food was yummy. We had stayed so much longer than we'd planned at the beach that our lunch was more like a linner. So it was about 5pm by the time we piled back in the bus and took off for our next destination, which we didn't know yet. Jared started driving north and I started looking for a place for us to stay. We knew that Wednesday we had tickets to Cumberland Island so it made sense to stay in Jacksonville or St. Mary's to be close to that. I found us a spot at Jacksonville North/ St. Mary's KOA. We rolled into our site about 8pm and everyone was so tired we just got them ready for bed right away.

Now to review Jetty Park Campground. I really liked how quiet the beach was- not as quiet as Jekyll Island had been, but still pretty low key for a Florida beach. There were only maybe 50 people up and down the beach with us. Win! The campground was not quite as "on the beach" as I had thought. There was a sand barrier and a parking lot between the campground and the beach. But we got a spot at the edge of the campground, so it was as close as possible. It was maybe a 3 minute walk to the beach. The campground was all sand, which we were fine with. We didn't venture over to the shower house, because it looked a little run down. We really liked how close the campground was to the restaurants too! The weather in late March was just perfect- 80s and sunny!! Exactly what we wanted!!

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