Day 8

Updated: May 11, 2021

We had planned to wake up and watch church over Zoom before leaving for Florida, but Jenna woke up not feeling well and that kind of threw a wrench in the plans.

While I was caring for her, Jared and the kids loaded up and we drove to Port Canaveral for our Sunday night reservation at Jetty Park Campground We had a spot reserved at the edge of the park overlooking the beach. It was a little over a 3 hour drive, but thankfully all flat and no mountains made for an easy drive. Jetty Park is only about 20 minutes north of Cocoa Beach. We pulled in about 4 pm and I took the kids out to the beach while Jared stayed back at the bus with Jenna to rest.

The kids played at the beach until the sun was setting. Jenna was feeling better after we returned from the beach so we went to a late dinner. I was feeling pretty sure at that point that it was her swallowing and sniffing up too much water over the past few days. There were 4 or 5 restaurants in a row that all looked good, but had long waits for a party our size to eat outside- since eating outside is what everyone wants to do now. Eating outdoors was the only way we would eat out during the trip, because of covid. At that point we had only eaten out twice.

We ended up getting right into Gator's Dockside We ate outside on their dock by moonlight and it was just beautiful. We all tried gator tail for the first time- which was pretty yummy!

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