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-Monday morning we got new tow straps at the Camping World in Indy, then started off for the Smokey Mountains. Our 40 ft bus pulling a tow dolly with our full size van was a BIG RIG- 60 ft all together!! It's really something crazy to see. We got all kinds of "who are those crazy people?!!" looks. And it's REALLY something crazy to drive. It did ok on the straight-aways, but pulling it through the mountains was rough. We had to pull off a couple of times to let the engine cool down.

We arrived about 4pm Monday night at Greenbrier Campground just outside of Smokey Mountain Greenbrier entrance.

I had put a crockpot on that morning so we got to smell that cooking as we drove all day and we were ready to eat right away after pulling into our campsite. Fun tip- it's a bit difficult to pull a 60 foot rig through the crowded streets of Pigeon Forge and into a grocery store parking lot for the cream of chicken soup that I forgot :) But Jared didn't complain and he even picked me up a treat for playing stewardess to the kids all day.

The big kids chill'n while we traveled.

The littles when we were pulling into the park.

Chase while we traveled. His favorite spot was either at the front window which is right at his head level or asleep. Actually most of the time he was asleep... in Coleson's bunk with Coleson :)

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