Cabinets, cabinets, and more cabinets

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Jared started building cabinets this week.

Rather than wasting space by framing walls, Jared decided to use cabinetry as the room dividers. After building our bed he moved forward to build these closets for the kids that will work as the dividers between our bedroom and their bunk room.

First cabinet installed.

Second cabinet installed. That makes the walls for our bedroom and the bunk room walls. On to the next section.

This cabinet was the end of the bunk room/ kitchen wall.

Using drawer slides Jared built some sliding doors that pull out from each wall to divide off the sleeping area.

I love how this door looks!!

This is the other side of that cabinet unit.

This is the sliding door pushed back into place within the cabinet that holds it.

This door provides a separation between the kitchen and the bunk room.

This is from the kitchen side looking into the bedroom area.

Bunk room goes here. It is so awesome watching these walls go in and the floorplan take shape!

This cabinet will house the built in convection microwave that we bought. Above will be a place for a printer and below in the big open area will eventually go a portable clothes washing machine because laundry for 8 people is a constant chore.

This unit works as the side of the bathroom wall as well. More to come on the bathroom area in a later post.

2 coats of white paint and done.

E and O helping to build cabinets in the shop with dad.

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